DIA SIA II – Small Business

Solutions for Intelligence Analysis Support II (SIA II)

The purpose of Solutions for Intelligence Analysis (SIA) is to provide the Department of Defense Intelligence Community (consisting of the DIA, Service Centers (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force) and the Combatant Commands) with a responsive, efficient and reliable means to satisfy requirements for contract intelligence analysis and related services. SIA is intended to streamline the procurement process for contract intelligence analysis services and will provide leadership with the capability to efficiently manage the use of analytic services across the DIAP.


Requirements may include National-Level intelligence analysis; general military intelligence; intelligence planning, management, and implementation; support to deployed forces; rapid response crisis; and intelligence analysis training.

These services may be executed as the following:

  • Maintain global situational awareness while gaining depth of knowledge on a limited number of countries and enduring transnational issues that represent the greatest challenge to the U.S. national interests
  • Maximize resources by assigning clearly defined responsibilities to each Command, Service, and DIA
  • Assign analytical responsibilities based on capabilities, workforce characteristics, and Command, Service, or DIA’s mission requirements
  • Bring stability to the all-source analytic workforce through careful assignment of analytical responsibilities
  • Support the National Intelligence Priorities Framework and Strategic Planning guidance