OPTARRS II – Restricted Suite

Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services  for Warfighter operations (OPTARSS II)

OPTARSS II is a master, indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity (ID/IQ), task order driven, operations contract. The contract will be structured for maximum flexibility in providing for an expedited ordering process in order to satisfy the needs of operations customers throughout the Army and Department of Defense (DoD). Specific regulations, directives, standard operating procedures (SOPs), etc. will be identified at the Task Order (TO) level. OPTARSS II contractors will provide support in the following twelve task areas:

Primary Task Areas

  • Task 1: Operational Planning
  • Task 2: Training
  • Task 3: Modeling and Simulation
  • Task 4: Flight Operations
  • Task 5: Mobilization Plans and Execution
  • Task 6: Deployment Operations
  • Task 7: Force Protection Program
  • Task 8: Transformation

Supporting Task Areas

  • Task 1: C2 Information Systems Management
  • Task 2: Program Management Process
  • Task 3: Organizational Support
  • Task 4: Task Order Management